Rosendahl, Arts Earth Partnership Announce Grant for Green Assessment

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and the non-profit organization Arts:Earth Partnership (AEP) announced a new initiative today that will help business owners in the local arts community green their facilities, save precious resources and money, and become a more sustainable operation in the 11th District.

Rosendahl worked with the Department of Cultural Affairs to secure a $5,000 grant through the Council Civic Fund. The grant money will be used to pay for a sustainability assessment for theaters, museums, and art galleries in the district.

The grant will cover the cost of an assessment for about 12 to 15 businesses and facilities in the 11th District.

“This unique opportunity falls in line with everything I believe in,” said Rosendahl. “This grant will help us grow green businesses in our district by teaching them how to achieve sustainability, become an even better neighbor in their local community, and save money in the long run.”


Rosendahl and Justin Yoffe from Arts:Earth Partnership

Business owners will go through AEP to schedule a comprehensive assessment. An administrator will review everything from energy and water use to office supplies and daily operations.

This assessment will result in a detailed “menu” of what measures are needed for the organization to become a Los Angeles City recognized Green Business, a first in the country for the cultural sector. The Bureau of Sanitation is expected to officially launch this specific program soon.

“This free assessment will go miles towards creating a better environment in our neighborhoods,” said Justin Yoffe for AEP. “There’s already a green mindset here in the Westside arts community but most businesses shy away from the cost of an assessment. Thanks to the Councilmember and this grant, we’ll see a real cultural shift in the community.”

Green Certification goes beyond recognition but also translates into special discounts and benefits.

Current members of Arts:Earth Partnership include the G2 Gallery, Electric Lodge, Ruskin Group Theater, Miles Memorial Playhouse, Skirball Cultural Center, Greenway Court Theater, the HaleArt Space, and Kentwood Players.

This membership means you are actively practicing sustainability such as energy efficiency, water conservation, reducing waste, and pest control to name a few.

Business owners who want to learn more about the free sustainability assessment or the green certification program should or contact Adam Meltzer at 323-864-9130 or email

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