Rosendahl Celebrates Five Years of Mar Vista’s Green Garden Showcase

Dozens of Mar Vista gardeners are busy sprucing up their environmentally friendly yards, rock gardens, and chicken coops to show the benefits of creating a sustainable space around your home.

The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase takes place on Earth Day which is on Saturday, April 20th. The event is a perfect opportunity to educate and celebrate Earth Day in Los Angeles.

Now in its 5th year, the tour has built a large following and draws thousands of visitors — from the curious new gardener, to the homeowner who is searching for a creative way to cut back on energy use and lower their watering costs.

“Mar Vista’s green community continues to blow me away with their passion and determination,” said Rosendahl. “I’ve been fortunate to witness the event from the start, and I’m so proud of my constituents and their selfless efforts to empower others with knowledge and the feeling that we can all make a difference in this world. Thank you to the volunteers who work year round to make the event a success.”

In celebration of five years of greening gardens around the City, Rosendahl is sharing a special five- part multimedia series that introduces Angelenos to some of the  gardeners featured during the 2013 showcase.

The series will share the personal and financial benefits of creating and maintaining an environmentally friendly space in their yard.


In this first Meet the Gardener, Ian Denchasy (3753 Ashwood) shares his new found love of raising chickens, how much it costs, and what are the benefits. This is Ian’s first year as a gardener on the tour. Read more on Ian and his family’s new hobby on their blog.

Denchasy is one of dozens of gardeners who will welcome guests and share ideas. Many of the gardens on the tour were inspired by gardens they saw on previous tours. Mar Vista’s Green Committee members, co-chairs Melissa Stoller and Jeanne Kuntz, and former chair Sherri Akers, worked together this year to continue the Green Garden tradition.

“Our weekly presence at the Green Tent at the Farmer’s Market has shined the spotlight on sustainable living around Mar Vista — our little patch of paradise,” Stoller said. “The Green Garden Showcase draws thousands of visitors. The event is free, it’s huge, and there’s truly nothing else like it in Southern California.”

The Green Committee has also championed sustainability throughout the rest of the City, and has built a reputation with the Los Angeles City Council as being a leader on issues and policy involving the environment.

Stoller was credited for starting the campaign to plant a sustainable native garden instead of replanting turf when City Hall Park recently underwent renovations.

The Mar Vista Green Garden Showcase takes place on Earth Day, Saturday, April 20, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Even information can be found here.


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