Rosendahl, Waters Break Ground on Sepulveda Sidewalk Improvements

Standing before one of the worst stretches of broken sidewalks in the City of Los Angeles, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) and Councilmember Bill Rosendahl broke ground on a project that will create a more pleasurable experience for both pedestrians and motorists who use what some call the “gateway” to the world’s sixth busiest airport.

Preparations are underway to begin work on the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Project along Sepulveda Boulevard from 80th Street to 84th Place. Federal funds along with a public-private partnership will help pave the way for a meandering sidewalk and new trees that will not destroy the sidewalk. Currently, nearby residents are unable to walk this stretch of road in Westchester due to the condition of the sidewalk.

“These sidewalks are a real threat to safety and a complete embarrassment for the City,” said Rosendahl. “But thanks to an agreement with the nearby Howard Hughes development, and to Congresswoman Waters for securing a grant, my constituents in Westchester will have the sidewalk they need and deserve.”

Rosendahl and his staff negotiated a deal to extend a 15 year development agreement with the Howard Hughes project. The parties reached an agreement that directed $850,000 to go toward capital improvements on Sepulveda and placed $1M with the California Foundation. The interested earned will go toward street maintenance along Sepulveda.

“I am pleased I was able to successfully secure one million dollars in Federal funding for the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Project,” said Congresswoman Waters. “This long-awaited project will greatly enhance the look and feel of this wonderful community for years to come and I’m sure it will be one in which we can all feel proud.”

In an effort to kickstart the proposed work, retirees from the Bureau of Engineering volunteered their time to draw up the streetscape design. In order to begin the work, the trees were removed earlier this year. The sidewalk portion of the project is expected to start this fall.

“We want people to think we take care of our City,” said Gary Lee Moore, General Manager of the Bureau of Engineering. “This project will transform this four block area with 42 new trees, meandering sidewalks, and 1600 feet of landscaping”

“Today we are leaving a legacy for Angelenos and the rest of the country,” said Sheila Mickelson of the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association.  “This shows what determined citizens can do to improve their communities, and work on the local, state, and federal level to make our lives better for all of us.”

The design plan is to eventually extend the street improvement and landscaping to the Town Center by seven blocks to the Howard Hughes Pkwy.

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