Rosendahl Statement on AEG and Tim Leiweke

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl issued the following statement on the news that AEG is no longer for sale and chief executive officer Tim Leiweke, the architect of a plan to bring football back to Los Angeles, will leave his post.
I was shocked when I heard the news about AEG.  I can’t help but think – where do we go from here? What happens with the stadium project? How will this affect downtown? We’ll have to wait and see where this takes us. As for Tim Leiweke, he has been a tremendous asset to AEG and an incredible resource for the community. During the AEG Town Hall I hosted in Mar Vista, he added a human face to the stadium project, and I appreciated that. He’s the reason I got excited about football.
Bill Rosendahl
Councilmember, 11th District
When plans for the stadium were first announced in 2011, Rosendahl asked tough questions of City staff who were involved with the deal. Rosendahl’s questions were geared toward making sure no taxpayer dollars would be used for the project. They were  released in a series of letters and reported widely, including this Steve Lopez column.

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