FAA to Install Runway Status Lights at LAX

Constituents who live near Los Angeles Internatonal Airport (LAX)  may have noticed a change in the flight pattern and possibly more noise near the south runway over the weekend.

A spokesperson with Los Angeles World Airports says the Federal Aviation Administration began installing additional infrastructure to the Runway Status Light (RWSL) system that is currently in use at LAX. This is an advanced new system of safety lights that are designed to automatically warn pilots on the ground of aircraft approaching on the runway.

“I’m pleased to see work continuing on the Runway Status Light system at LAX,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. “A panel of national aviation experts found two years ago that the installation of the lights will continue to maintain highest level of runway safety at LAX.  I’ve always maintained that this light system  is the best way to modernize the number one airport for take offs and landings in the world.”

los angeles international airport  runway status light installation

The installation requires airport managers to close Runway 7L/25R (the south inboard runway) for one week. The work started on Saturday and is scheduled to last through Sunday, February 3rd at 2:00 p.m.

Airlines will now use the south outboard runway 7R/25L for all departure and arrival operations. In addition, some operations will shift from the south to the north complex to ensure efficient traffic flow. LAX will conduct normal Over-Ocean Operations at night if weather and other operational conditions permit.


Rosendahl and his constituents are opposed to a plan to expand the North Runways.  The issue was covered in LAX Modernization Proposals: What’s Next.

Rosendahl is the vice-chair of the City’s Trade, Commerce, and Tourism committee. His district includes LAX and most of the communities surrounding the airport.




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