Standing Strong with Constituents Who Oppose Billboard Blight

Bill Rosendahl Nancy Friedman

I went to PLUM Committee today to share my thoughts on the City’s proposed Sign Ordinance.

For over 4 years we have been discussing some version of a comprehensive sign ordinance and I strongly support the one before you today and urge the Committee to approve it.

While it may not address every single aspect of signage in the City, it is a substantial improvement upon our existing ordinance.

There is nothing that prevents us from exploring future amendments to the ordinance but we should not hold this version hostage while we explore further refinements, which can happen on a separate track.

I would like to commend the Planning Department and the PLUM Committee for the incredible of amount of work that went into the preparation this ordinance and again urge the Committee to approve the ordinance today.

In the picture above, I am standing with Nancy Friedman, President of the Brentwood Community Council. Like many of my constituents on the Westside, including the Coalition to Ban Billboard Blight,  we support the proposed ordinance and want the committee to approve the language and send it to the full City Council for a vote.


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