Rosendahl Concerned Over Rush to Approve LAX Expansion

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl sent a clear message to City Planners and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) on the proposal to modernize Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which includes a plan to move the north runway by 260 feet.

Rosendahl today asked that the City Planning Commission wait to act on changes associated with the airport modernization project until the public and the City Council have had a chance to review the Final EIR by LAWA, which is due out next month.

Rosendahl also took steps to mitigate for regional traffic impacts.

Here is an excerpt from his letter which was sent this afternoon:

My constituents and I strongly support modernization of LAX. Westchester and Playa del Rey neighbors, hundreds of whom last week packed a Planning Commission hearing on this issue, have advocated for approval of SPAS Alternative 2, which is the Environmentally Superior Alternative in LAWA’s EIR, with Ground Transportation Alternative 9. LAWA, however, has rejected the Environmentally Superior Alternative in favor of a plan to move the runways 260 feet north, closer to nearby homes. LAWA’s preferred plan will bring more noise and pollution to the local community, but lacks the safety and operational efficiency gains to justify the additional impacts.

Bill Rosendahl, 11th District

The letter in its entirety can be found here

Rosendahl also introduced a motion today requesting the Mayor’s office and Los Angeles World Airports work with Metrolink to consider options for connecting LA/Ontario International Airport directly to the Metrolink system. Rosendahl says this will help regionalize air traffic and help Ontario benefit from low cost, non stop service to and from the airport.

“Passengers on big international flights that use Ontario can take Metrolink to get downtown in 20 minutes,” Rosendahl said.

The motion will be heard in Transportation Committee on January 23rd and the language can be found here.


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