LADWP Hosts Public Meeting to Discuss DS 104

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has invited the public to attend a meeting to learn about the suitable locations for Distribution Station 104 (DS 104) in the Pacific Palisades, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl announced today.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 15, from 7-9 p.m. at Palisades Charter High School, 15777 Bowdoin Street  Los Angeles, 90272.

The meeting will focus on the objectives of the Task Force created at the request of Rosendahl and Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board Member Steve Zimmer.  Rosendahl announced this in a letter to constituents back in June.

The 15-member community task force was established to identify possible locations for the siting of a new power distributing station in the Pacific Palisades community. The group was charged with identifying and evaluating potential locations for DS 104, which is needed to manage future power demand in the area.

“I am happy to see that progress is being made to identify the best feasible location for DS 104 through the public process,” said Rosendahl. “I realize that there is a tough decision to be made here and I appreciate my constituents learning the role a distribution station plays in DWP’s delivery of power to the Palisades community.”

Back in September, Rosendahl and LAUSD asked DWP to do something the agency has never done: create a task force of community people to act as an extension of their own evaluation team to identify an appropriate site for DS 104.  Rosendahl said this is a testament to the confidence of DWP General Manager Ron Nichols has in the community.

Rosendahl has been favorably impressed with the efforts of DWP and Task Force members. The DWP retained a highly skilled facilitator with a planning background to lead the group — who announced at the start that everything said, presented, and decided was public information.

“The DWP could have done a better job of quickly sharing information and summaries of presentations made at the task force meetings,” said Rosendahl.  “This has not been a perfect process and there continues to be tension between the task force and DWP that calls upon DWP to disclose more information for the public to consider, and I support this.”

Background on Distributing Station 104

The LADWP needs to construct a new power distributing station (DS) in the Pacific Palisades because DS 29 (constructed in 1937), located at the corner of Via de la Paz and Sunset, is working at its designed capacity.  Moreover, DS 29 will exceed its capacity within the next six years due to increasing electricity demand, which has grown particularly in the Marquez area.  As a result, an additional station will be necessary in the Marquez to meet existing and future load demand of DWP’s Palisades customers. LADWP has proposed the construction of a new power distribution station to serve this need in sufficient time to complete siting, environmental review, design, construction and commissioning of the new station in order to continue to reliably provide power to Pacific Palisades residents and businesses.


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