Swarthmore Ave Storm Drain Tested During Recent Rain

Pacific Palisades constituents who walk and drive along a stretch of  Swarthmore Avenue  say a storm drain project has made a huge improvement on a decade-old flooding issue.

swarthmore storm drain project

PHOTO: Joaquin Macias

The storm drain system, located south of Sunset Blvd, received its first real test as a large storm rolled through the Southland on Thursday.  The wet weather is expected to last through the weekend.

Residents say poor drainage prevents water from dispersing and instead creates large pools of standing water.  The situation made driving conditions hazardous  — both for residents and those who attend one of  five schools located nearby.

The issue became increasingly worse over the years, and in some cases the flooding affected the lower level or basements of several homes. Neighbors eventually went to their elected official in the 11th District for help.

“My staff did some research and discovered that the City could do the work at half the cost  — down to $350,000,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. “I worked with department managers and we all agreed this was a matter of public safety and we put this project on the fast track for completion.”

swarthmore construction pacific palisades

PHOTO: LA Dept of Public Works

The photo above shows the trench that crews used to install a drain.

The work paid off — Palisadian Marki Costello says so far, the storm drains are working well.

“Obviously this is a huge improvement from what we had — 26 blocks of water trying to get in one drain,” said Costello.  “It’s been so lovely to actually enjoy the rain for the first time in ten years.”

Here’s a look at some of the other projects taking place around the district:

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UPDATE: Penmar Park Storm Water Project


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