New Study Reveals LAX Generates Thousands of Jobs on Westside

A new report shows that Los Angeles International Airport generated close to 300,000 jobs and pumped nearly $40 billion into the local economy.

The 2011 LAX Economic Impact Report also shows that the airport generated $13.6 billion in labor income. The study was commissioned by Los Angeles World Airports to show how on- and off-airport operations contribute to the daily lives of thousands of Angelenos.

“I’m very excited to see these new LAX economic impact numbers,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. “They confirm to me what I’ve always known, that LAX creates jobs for the City of Los Angeles, and especially in my Council District.”

According to information in the report, the airport generated 10,670 jobs in the 11th District.

Many of these jobs not only put people back to work after the worst recession in history, but they also helped to modernize one of the busiest airports in the world.

“This is exactly why the Mayor and I worked so hard with LAX neighbors to settle the lawsuits and create a path forward on modernization,” said Rosendahl. “By continuing to work together, I hope to begin over $10 billion worth of modernization projects at LAX, including critical airfield and terminal improvements, a Midfield Concourse, a Consolidated Rental Car center, and an Automated People Mover.”

Crews are currently working on the $1.5 billion Bradley West Terminal – the largest public works project in the City’s history.

Also highlighted in the report are the local firms that provide passenger and aviation service, create jobs, and  generate tax revenue for state and local governments.

“Jobs are great, great, great, but I want to be sure that those jobs are permanent, good-paying jobs that offer full family healthcare,” said Rosendahl.  “Modernization is not just about building concrete, walls, and pavement at LAX.  We need to invest in the airport workers too.”

Bill Rosendahl is the vice-chair of the Trade, Commerce, and Tourism Committee.


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