LAPD: Crime Rate Down Double Digits in Venice Beach

The Los Angles Police Department reports the overall crime rate for Part 1 crimes in the Pacific Division is down 7.6 percent.

Taking the news one step further — LAPD reports that crime is down significantly lower in the Venice and Oakwood communities, by as much as 13.7 percent.  Part I crimes range from murder and homicide to burglary and plain theft. All stats are year to date.

What’s the reason for this downward trend?

“The big thing is the commitment we have shown over the last two years for developing a partnership with the Venice and Oakwood communities,” said Captain Brian Johnson.

Johnson also says there are more officers deployed in the area because there are more people coming to the number one tourist destination in the City.

“Our partners at LAPD’s Pacific Division are doing phenomenal work,” said Councilmember Bill Rosendahl. “Our men and women in the force are playing a significant role on our quality of life in the 11th District.”

“Achieving a significant 13.7% crime reduction in Venice Beach is welcome any time,” said Linda Lucks, president of the Venice Neighborhood Council. “Given the huge influx of tourists during the summer months, crime rates typically spike in proportion to the crowds. A reduction of this magnitude is remarkable and I applaud the Pacific Division of LAPD for keeping us safe.”

The Pacific Division spans 26 square miles, from the area around Los Angeles International Airport and Westchester to Venice and parts east of the 405 near the 10 freeway.

“We are encouraged by the Pacific Division’s crime reduction YTD,” said Johnson. “However, we realize we still have a lot of work to further reduce crime and address quality of live issues for all residents.”

Over in the West LA Division, a spokesperson says Part I crime is down .3 percent.

Read more stories on the topic of public safety in the 11th District here.


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