Venice Rapid Bus Gets Green Light for Signal Priority

Riders on the Venice Rapid Bus Line 733 will soon experience a shorter commute.

Metro just confirmed to the Office of Councilmember Bill Rosendahl that the transit agency will soon spend $6.2 million to  install traffic signal priority on Venice Boulevard and speed up the 733 rapid line. The funding will also include bus shelter construction.

“I’ve been a tireless advocate for a Rapid Line on Venice,” said Rosendahl who Chairs the City’s Transportation Committee. “My constituents will be thrilled to hear that a shorter commute is on the horizon.  Thank you Metro for keeping your commitment that Traffic Signal Priority would be installed in the district.”


PHOTO CREDIT: The Source/  New Rapid 733 Carries its First Public Official

Many transit riders have complained about the  travel between Venice and Lincoln boulevards on the Westside to Venice and Broadway in downtown L.A.

A Metro spokesman says riders should see the improvements within the next year and a half.

The 733 is a key downtown-to-the-beach connection and also has a stop near the Expo Line’s Culver City station (The Source). A schedule and route map for the 733 can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Venice Rapid Bus Gets Green Light for Signal Priority

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  2. Great idea. This can speed travel on the 733 bus line making it more competitive with driving. The amount of people driving inconvenienced by having to stop to let the bus go by will surely be less than the people it helps. This is a good deal for all. Now all they have to do now is to turn on the signal preemption on the Expo Line to speed its service. My experience of riding the line, it appears that we sit stopped at signals close to 10 minutes on a one-way trip. Cutting 10 minutes off of the running time will help everyone. delaying 25 people 30 to 40 seconds so that 300 people can pass on a train is a good trade.

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