Rosendahl Introduces Motion to Improve Safety at Pacific and Brooks

Pacific Avenue, as seen in this Google Maps image, sees hundreds of cars daily due to the destination points around it: Venice Beach, the shops on Abbot Kinney, and many restaurants.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl introduced a motion today that directs the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to address concerns over what appears to be increased traffic accidents at the intersection of Pacific and Brooks Avenue in Venice.

“The community would like to see traffic mitigation measures taken to improve public safety at this intersection,” said Rosendahl. “It is imperative that the City look at the current traffic measures to ensure the continued safety of the residents and visitors at this busy intersection in my district.”

The motion directs LADOT to immediately exchange the current 8 inch traffic signal lights with new, larger 12 inch traffic signal lights for improved visibility. Rosendahl also directed staff to change the light timing to increase the timing of the “all red.”

Rosendahl also wants LADOT to report with additional recommendations for implementing traffic calming measures as well as conduct a vehicle volume study at the intersection.

The motion was introduced by Rosendahl (via Council President Herb Wesson), approved, and referred to the Transportation Committee.


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