Rosendahl Supports LAX Modernization, Opposes Runway Project

LOS ANGELES   LA Councilmember Bill Rosendahl announced his support for most of the projects proposed as part of the LAX Specific Plan Amendment Study, but opposed a controversial plan to move the LAX North Runways as much as 350 feet closer to neighboring homes.  The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) released today by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) predicted an expansion of the noise contour over Westchester and Playa del Rey, resulting from the runway project.

“I support airport modernization, and most of the projects that are part of this plan, but I can’t support the proposal to expand the North Runways,” said Rosendahl. “We’ve already demonstrated that we don’t need it for safety, and we don’t need it for operational efficiency.”

A 2010 North Runway Safety Study conducted by NASA and a panel of Academic Experts found that the North Runway Complex is extremely safe, even at future fleet mix and traffic levels, and that the existing configuration would not unduly impact operational efficiency at LAX.  That study was included in the SPAS Report released today.

Also included in the Specific Plan Amendment Study were a number of projects to improve taxiways, ground transportation, and build a Consolidated Rental Car center at Manchester Square.

“A Consolidated Rental Car center is a no-brainer,” Rosendahl said.  “Combined with an Automated People Mover, the project would take rental car shuttles off the road, improve traffic, and provide a great convenience to the traveling public.”

Rosendahl said he was still reviewing the 1800-page document, but expressed deep concern for traffic impacts associated with growth at LAX.  The Draft EIR projected thirty-nine significant and unavoidable impacts to traffic intersections in the region.

“At the very least, the results of this environmental study are a wake up call for all Angelinos,” said Rosendahl. “It’s time to get serious about developing a regional plan for accommodating air traffic in Southern California.  The LAX area alone cannot bear the full brunt of the growing demand.”

Rosendahl encouraged constituents and airport stakeholders to review the documents and share their feedback. The SPAS Draft EIR is available for public review at  Comments from the public are encouraged and should be submitted by Wednesday, October 10, 2012 to


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