Rosendahl Statement on Latest Push for LAX Modernization

The following is reaction from Councilmember Bill Rosendahl to news that a group of business and labor organizations are pushing for the continued modernization of Los Angeles International Airport and a controversial plan to reconfigure the two northern runways (LA Times, Daily Breeze)

I fully welcome the support of the Labor and Business communities for updating and fixing LAX.  When the Mayor and I brokered the landmark legal settlement agreement that paved the way for modernization at our airport, we envisioned a new Tom Bradley International Terminal and Midfield Concourse, a Consolidated Rental Car Center, an Automated People Mover, and the extension of the Green Line to LAX.  These and other ongoing projects are pumping billions into our regional economy. Modernization is happening right now at LAX, and that is great for the City of Los Angeles.

We all agree on 99% of this project.  Where we disagree is on the need to expand the North Runway complex.  A multi-million dollar airport study conducted by NASA and a panel of Academic Experts concluded that the North Runways are extremely safe, even taking into account the future fleet mix and traffic levels at LAX, and that the current runway configuration would not unduly impact operational efficiency.  Simply put, there are better places to invest that money.

For instance, I want to see us extend the capital improvement project at LAX to modernize the North terminals, and I think it’s time we brought light rail directly into the airport’s Central Terminal Area.

— Bill Rosendahl, 11th District


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