Westchester Brings Back Its Warm Welcome

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and local service organizations dedicate a new welcome sign in Westchester.

A landmark sign in Westchester stands tall and proud once again.

A former Westchester resident and a group of local service organizations worked together and  raised $4500 — enough money to fix the welcome sign that  greets passer-bys with the message “Westchester, Home of LAX.”

The sign is located at the entrance to Westchester Park at Manchester Avenue and Loyola Blvds.

“I’m so proud of the Westchester community to come together and help refurbish our welcome sign,” said Stephanie Smith. “Driving by the sign at night and seeing its warm glow reminds me of the warmth of the Westchester community.”

Smith, a former resident, wanted to beautify the neighborhood and make a donation in her mother’s name.  She first approached Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s office two years ago and encouraged him to raise additional funds needed for the project.

The Councilman’s office enlisted the help of the Westchester Rotary, the Westchester Foundation, the Westchester Vitalization, and the Westchester Elks to complete the project. The new sign was dedicated on July 4th.

“It’s something that we can look at and be proud of,” said Williams. “It’s very representative of who we are and of our community.  It was so broken before it just didn’t look good.  It’s something about pride.”

The original design for the sign was inspired by seniors in an art class at Westchester High School. The school won an art contest in 1979 to create the image. The refurbished sign is an exact replica of the original.

“It was so broken before it just didn’t look good,” said Williams. “It’s something about pride.”

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