LGBT Heritage Month Honors Frontiers Magazine

This post is part of a series to celebrate the honorees at the LGBT Heritage Month opening ceremonies which took place at City Hall on June 1st, 2012. 

Frontiers Magazine

Where would the LGBT community in the City of Los Angeles be without its press?

Frontiers Magazine — which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary — is more than just a magazine in Southern California. The publication and multimedia platform are hubs for the LGBT community.

Besides publishing 30,000 copies a month (plus a business directory), the magazine has informed, inspired, and mobilized a generation, from politicians and attorneys to activists and artists.  The publication covers the relevant stories that affect the Los Angeles LGBT community the most — from law enforcement and violence to groundbreaking coverage on HIV/AIDS.

Councilmembers Bill Rosendahl and Paul Koretz recently honored the Frontier’s publishing team for its public service and promoting community pride through civic engagement.

“Frontiers is about building community and being a platform,” said Frontiers publisher David Stern. “As we move forward to this next leg of seeking out and demanding our equality, Frontiers will be right there reporting the stories.”

Watch what the Frontier’s publishing team had to say at the the LGBT Heritage Month event:

The LGBT Heritage Month event was sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, Toyota and CSW/Christopher Street West. 

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