Green Project in Venice Returns Power, Saves Money

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl joined (l-r) Kristopher Valentine, Barbara Lonsdale (Venice Neighborhood Council) and Ed Ebrahimian (Bureau of Street Lighting) to announce the installation of LED lights and solar panels on Lincoln Blvd as part of a green Public Works project in Venice.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl joined the Bureau of Street Lighting and members of the Venice Neighborhood Council to announce a green project that is expected to save the City of Los Angeles thousands of dollars in power.

The Bureau of Street Lighting installed 100 solar panels on brand new LED street lights as part of a pilot project in Venice, Hollywood, and Porter Ranch.

“Going solar is the key solution for us in Southern California,” said Rosendahl. “Moving forward with this will make our City a great leader in renewable energy, and that movement is starting right here in Venice.”

The program will use the solar panels on the LED lights to capture energy and feed it back to the grid, saving 60 percent in energy.

As part of the project, the department installed 140,000 LED lights throughout the City. This is the most LED installations of any City across the country, according to the Bureau of Street Lighting.

“Right now, California receives only one percent of its power from solar energy,” said Barbara Lonsdale of the Venice Neighborhood Council. “I’m really excited that projects like this are moving forward.”

Engineers say this latest green project in LA will help generate power without burning fossil fuel.

“We are starting an infrastructure that will allow Los Angeles to get off fossil fuel and make our vision of a sustainable Venice foreseeable,” said Kristopher Valentine, who co-chairs the VNC
Environmental Committee with Lonsdale.

The announcement this morning in Venice coincides with National Public Works Week to raise awareness about projects that contribute to sustainable solutions.

Check out this other green project in the district:

VIDEO: LA Green Project Creates Jobs, Cleans Water


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