Commission Keeps Westchester in CD11

UPDATE: link to The City Maven report

The Los Angeles City Council Redistricting Commission voted to keep Westchester, west of the 405 freeway, in the 11th Council District.

During a meeting marathon session last night at City Hall, the commission also agreed that the part of Westchester located east of the 405 freeway will be in the 8th Council District. (source)

Mike Bonin, Chief of Staff for Councilmember Bill Rosendahl, was at the commission meeting and says this is a good sign but there’s more work ahead for the commission.

“These are instructions the commission gave to it’s staff,” says Bonin. “They are giving dozens of instructions, some of which might conflict.”

Some of those instructions also include the possibility of Palms going to CD5 and/or CD10.

The commission staff will take these instructions and produce another draft map that is expected to be released by the weekend.

The commission will then meet next Wednesday, February 22nd, to reconsider and possibly make more amendments.


2 thoughts on “Commission Keeps Westchester in CD11

  1. What happened after Wednesday’s meeting? The L.A. Times today seemed to indicate that the commission had finalized the redistricting map, which is much sooner than I expected! I certainly hope Westchester stays in CD11 with Bill Rosendahl!
    Patricia Payró-Freeman

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