Today in Council


Here’s a roundup of the key issues and policy discussed in Council today:

Tsunami Warning Sirens

Councilman Bill Rosendahl directed the Emergency Management Department (EMD) to work with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management to explore the feasibility of a countywide tsunami siren warning system.

Councilmember has been working with EMD over the last several years to make the City TsunamiReady. (video)

City Hall Lawn

The City of Los Angeles is looking to restore the City Hall lawn.  Earlier today, the City Council voted on a plan that calls for a 51% reduction in turf, decomposed granite path,  and planting areas with drought tolerant plants.

Plans also call for a permeable paved walkway, reseeding of the lawn areas in the Upper and Lower South Lawn with low water use hybrid turf/grass, and the addition of new low water use planting areas to the Upper South Lawn at the central plaza area.

During the discussion on this item, Councilman Rosendahl publicly thanked his Mar Vista constituents for their work to encourage staff to incorporate more drought tolerant plants in the plans. (more , more , and more info)

Prop 8 Ruling

“This is a moment in history that I want us to reflect on,” said Councilman Bill Rosendahl shortly after the Prop 8 ruling in the Ninth Circuit. “If this ends up in the Supreme Court, it will hopefully give us the same basic human and civil rights that other places in this Country have.”  (source and video from the rally to Celebrate the Prop 9 Win)


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