Downtown Playa del Rey Community Design Overlay Meeting

Do you have an opinion about the future of Culver Boulevard in Downtown Playa del Rey?  Join community members and City Council District 11 staff as we work together to write a new set of design guidelines to make Culver Boulevard a more vibrant destination!

These new design guidelines will become a Community Design Overlay (CDO) supplement to the Weschester/Playa del Rey Community Plan, and will apply to all new construction and renovation projects on this street.

When:  Monday 1/30, 6-8 p.m.

Where: Westchester Municipal Building Community Room, 7166 W Manchester Ave., Los Angeles,

Contact: (310) 568-8772 or email


One thought on “Downtown Playa del Rey Community Design Overlay Meeting

  1. Myself, and about a hundred other residents and friends that I have out there, yes, really that much – want Playa Del Rey to remain the wonderful “undiscovered” community that it is. The mom and pop “feel” of all the businesses are the lifeblood of this community. No one wants to see a 7-11 or a fast food chain in downtown PDR. If we want to go to Santa Monica, we’ll visit SM, not Playa. Keep it undiscovered and the best kept secret that it is, please.

    Signed, a ten year resident of PDR and an L.A. Native of 35 years.

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