Los Angeles Redistricting Commission: Don’t Divide the 11th Council District!

Dear Friends,

If you’re proud of the sense of community we have on the Westside, and don’t want anyone to mess with that, we need to mobilize and stop an outrageous case of gerrymandering that threatens our council district!

Later today, the Los Angeles City Redistricting Commission is poised to publish a draft proposal for redrawing of council district lines, lopping most of Westchester and part of Playa Vista from the Eleventh District and putting it in another council district.

I wont stand for that and I hope you wont either. 

Please join me in urging the Redistricting Commission to reject that plan and keep our Westside, coastal district whole.  Please sign this petition now, and attend a public hearing 6:30 p.m., Thursday, February 2, at Westchester Recreation Center, 7000 West Manchester Ave., Westchester, CA 90045 to let your voice be heard.

Here is the background:  Every ten years, following the decennial census, the City needs to redraw its City Council boundaries so that the districts have equal population.  Our district has 10,000 or so too many residents, so we need to trim a little and redistribute some our territory.

That seems fair enough.  And it should be easy enough, given that we are a coastal district, with natural or sensible boundaries (the Santa Monica Mountains to the north, the City limits to the south, and the 405 Freeway on the east.)

But instead of trimming along the edges, the commission is considering amputating the bulk of Westchester and part of Playa Vista from the rest of our district.  Doing so would divide communities that share a neighborhood council, a chamber of commerce, and a community plan area. And it makes no sense to tear Westchester from Los Angeles International Airport, which dramatically impacts its quality of life and economic activity.  Moreover, the proposed boundaries would shatter the wonderful partnership we have forged over the past seven years with the wonderful communities and organizations in CD11.

Dont let that happen.  Sign the petition and agree to attend next weeks hearing.

If you want to see the map being considered by the commission, you can take a look right here.

How do we stop them from dividing our community?  Let your voice be heard.  Stand up for our neighborhoods.  Defend the 11th District.  Sign this petition and attend the public hearing next week.    Also, please be sure to share this message with your friends and neighbors.  Every voice counts.

We need to stop this proposal in its tracks.  Thanks for your support.



The Los Angeles Redistricting Commission released this detailed proposed map of the 11th District., a larger proposed map of the City and also, see the LA Times map


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