Brown Responds to Rosendahl During State of the State

Governor Jerry Brown announced that California is on the mend during his State of the State address at Los Angeles City Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

During the speech, Brown talked about high speed rail and  his ballot measure to raise the state sales tax.

The Governor also took questions from the audience — which consisted of City Councilmembers, City staff, the media, and guests of the Governor.

During the question and answer period, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl asked Brown about the need for health care programs for seniors. The Governor responded that he wants to integrate in-home service providers with adult day care.

“We are looking at this,” insisted Brown. “We are going to put adult day care under managed care and find out what are the alternatives that are most appropriate and most advantageous.”

As you may know, Governor Brown is cutting adult day care from the budget.  The Councilman says adult day care is critical as our population grows and his goal is to continue the program.

In other news from the meeting…

Councilman Rosendahl was able to hand the Governor Options for Revising the California Tax System. The report dates back to 2003 when the Councilman was the Chair of the California Commission on Tax Policy in the New Economy.  The report details suggestions that will help the residents of California grow the economy: broaden the sales tax base to include selected services, a direct broadcast satellite tax, and periodic reassessment of non-residential property. These are just a few of the suggestions – you can read the entire report here.



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