News of the Day

Good morning, readers! Here’s a list of the stories and events making headlines in the 11th District and the City of Los Angeles.

Reporter Gary Walker filed a story on Measure R Plus in the latest edition of The Argonaut.  Measure R Plus is  legislation that is currently being proposed in the State Assembly and would continue the half cent sales tax for transportation projects in Los Angeles. Councilman Bill Rosendahl weighs in on the issue in this Facebook update.

The City Controller says LA is missing out on $23.1 million dollars in bus bench ads, according to the Daily News. Reporter Rick Orlov reports on Controller Wendy Greuel’s latest analysis – the 2002 contract with CBS Decaux. Her report shows that the City was slow to permit street furniture, which reduced the amount of advertising revenue the city could earn. Read the story here.

Jennifer Medina reports for the New York Times on how the City of Los Angles is cracking down on street vendors. The story talks about a new ordinance for Venice Beach (LAMC 42.15) which goes into effect on January 20th. The ordinance  outlines what can and can’t be sold on the famed Venice Boardwalk. Councilman Bill Rosendahl provides the following quote about the Venice issue:

This is a real go-to place and people come here from all over the planet, and they were just taking over with junk and cheap trinkets. The history here is of free speech, not selling all kinds of nonsense. You’d have people fighting for spots and undercutting the people who play by the rules and pay taxes in their space.

Many people are weighing in 42.15 over on Facebook.

LA Streetsblog takes a look at a motion that seeks to create a mechanism for the City to accept Measure R dollars to better coordinate between the city staff and Metro. Read the post here.

Los Angeles International Airport has news that will be of interest to people who are frequent fliers to Atlanta. Beginning in June, Southwest Airlines will start one daily nonstop flight from LAX to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). This is in addition to the three daily flights already operated by AirTran. Story.


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