Help Shape LA’s Mobility

Do you have an idea – large or small – that could help transform the way Angeleno’s travel in and around the community? The City of Los Angeles is listening. Visit to share your ideas today!

The City is proud to announce the launch of, an interactive virtual “town hall” website dedicated to soliciting ideas and conversations about mobility and transportation. The City is just getting started on a Mobility Element that will update and replace the City’s current Transportation Element. This Element will guide the further development of a citywide transportation system that provides for the efficient movement of people and goods. We want to envision new ways of moving around the city – using our streets for mobility and beyond.

The City needs your practical and creative ideas to move Los Angeles into the 21st century! Simply jump online from work, home, school, or whenever you have internet access to join the discussion!

We’re currently talking about…
– Closing Streets for Events
– Favorite Los Angeles Street
– Commuter Innovation
– Most Representative Street
– Street Uses
– Street Changes
– Getting Around Los Angeles

Thanks for participating!


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