The Streets of LA Welcome a New Set of Wheels

LADOT’s new cleaner-burning CNG powered fleet will replace diesel Commuter Express buses.

Councilmembers Bill Rosendahl and Jan Perry joined the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) to celebrate the arrival of 95 new natural gas powered buses for the City’s fleet of “Commuter Express” buses

The new buses will replace 95 older, diesel powered buses in LADOT’s Commuter Express fleet. The purchase will mean 100 percent of LADOT’s fleet uses cleaner-burning compressed natural gas (CNG). The total cost of the bus purchase is $66,975,000.

Rosendahl, who chairs the City’s Transportation Committee, says everyone benefits from the bus service since there is at least one Commuter Express route in every council district.

“Angelenos have made it clear that they want transportation choices,” said Rosendahl. “They don’t want to have to jump in a car for every trip they make. These new clean, green, comfortable buses are delivering an attractive alternative to the automobile.”

The new buses will ensure a truly multi-modal experience for the rider. Each bus will have three bike racks – a 50 percent increase over the current two bike racks.

“By phasing out older diesel buses for new CNG buses, Los Angeles is once again demonstrating its commitment to greening and strengthening our public transit system for the benefit of the entire region,” said Perry. “Together, we are developing creative and environmentally sound ways of offering practical alternatives designed to get people out of their cars and onto mass transit.”

These new buses are the only over-the-road style commuter coaches available that meet requirements set by the Federal Transit Administration, the alifornia Air Resource Board, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District for public transit operators

“These new Commuter Express buses will give customers a convenient and comfortable alternative to driving,” said Jaime de la Vega, LADOT general manager. “They also are part of the City of Los Angeles’ on-going commitment to greening our transportation system.”

The total cost of the bus purhcase is $66,975,000. LADOT has secured $48,451,041 in Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant funding (16 buses funded by ARRA funding), or approximately 72 percent of the total cost.

The buses will be introduced into service by LADOT starting in December.

PHOTO: Rosendahl, Perry, LADOT General Manager Jaime de la Vega, and MCI’s Tom Wagner honor loyal Commuter Express rider Janice Risch with a certificate at Wednesday’s event. Find out how to benefit from the service by clicking here.


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