News of the Day!

Here’s a look at the stories making headlines in the 11th District and the City of Los Angeles.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl spoke to the Occupy LA encampment on Sunday to encourage the movement to disband from the City Hall lawn and take up alternative means to continue the cause. The Councilman then revealed a plan to address concerns of the 99% in a newly created council committee on Occupy L.A. VIDEO: Bill Rosendahl at Occupy L.A.

Constituent complaints and forceful opposition have put the subject of Santa Monica Airport pollution back in the news. This week, Senator Ted Lieu and Councilman Rosendahl will speak at a Senate hearing on air quality and the Santa Monica Airport. “There’s no physical buffer between the airport and the lungs of my constituents,” Councilman Rosendahl said in a recent LA Times article.

Councilman Rosendahl is petitioning to gain support for a Hindry Avenue station on the highly anticipated Crenshaw/LAX line. The petition supports County Supervisor Don Knabe’s motion to work a Westchester station into the existing budget. As it stands now, the stop would close an unusually long gap of 3.5 miles and connect Westchester with both LAX and the rest of Los Angeles, as reported in the Argonaut.


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