Roadmap to Housing Places Two More Before Holiday

People Assisting the Homeless  -the organization responsible for assisting Councilman Bill Rosendahl with the Roadmap to Housing Program- has a very important update as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday.

According to an email from PATH, the organization is assisting two more vehicle dwellers with finding and securing permanent housing. This brings the total number of people taking part in the program to 16.

Here’s a profile of the two people PATH is assiting this week:

Roger has been chronically homeless for about 20 years.  Throughout his life he has been sleeping in different vehicles that he owned.   A while ago he shared his life story with us and said that a couple of years ago, he slept in his storage because his car was impounded.  This person was well known in the Venice community and has been homeless in Venice for most of his 20 years of homelessness.   He has participated in the survey and in the Vehicle count.  It is an enormous success for us to see this client in his own apartment.  We do realize that it is still a long way for him to achieve stabilization, and become adjusted to the household duties and routines. We will continue working with him in making sure he will follow the rules that are specified on his lease agreement.

Our next client, Cheyenne, has been homeless for about 8 years in CD 11.  She has owned various RVs in which she has been sleeping in.  Each time she was trying to get back on her feet, unexpected circumstance occurred which caused her to land in the same position where she was at before.  Her desire to end her circle of homelessness was gigantic and she is so grateful to you for creating this program and for the opportunity that was presented to her, which turned her life around.  Now she achieved the goal, which she dreamed about for a long time, and is in the process of emptying her storage and preparing her apartment for Thanksgiving dinner.  She wants to donate a portion of her wardrobe to us in order to help other people in need.    

Learn more about the program and hear other success stories here.

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