UPDATE Roadmap to Housing

Our partners at People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) have more great news for Councilman Bill Rosendahl and his initiative to help those living in their cars and campers find permanent housing.

According to a PATH spokesperson, three more clients have been placed in their own apartments thanks to the Roadmap to Housing Program.

“All of the clients are very grateful to you for creating this program and for your commitment,” said Tomasz Babiszkiewicz in an email to Rosendahl.  “With your support they were able to start a new chapter in their life. ”

Here’s the latest information on people receiving assistance from the Roadmap to Housing initiative:

The first client has been homeless for aboutt two years and sleeping in her van.  She is a Social Security recipient and is very grateful for the assistance that she received through this program.

The second client has been homeless for about 3 years and has been living in her minivan in Venice.  She is an artist, and performs in various restaurants/bars/pubs throughout Venice and surrounding neighborhoods.  She has recorded and published her performances, which she would like to share with you. She gave us her CD to forward it to you.

Our third client is a disabled man, who has been sleeping in his car for about year and a half. We were able to find him an apartment that was located on the first floor, so he would have easy access to go in and out.
We talked to the landlord and he also accommodated the client by putting a hardwood floor in his apartment so it
will be easier for him to move around in his apartment. In addition, he built a little ramp for his entrance so it will be easier for him to access the apartment.

Read about other Roadmap to Housing success stories here and here.


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