UPDATE: Venice Beach Draft Ordinance

The Los Angeles City Council’s Arts, Parks and Neighborhoods Committee unanimously approved the Venice Beach draft ordinance which amends  municipal code section 42.15 and regulates activity on Ocean Front Walk.

The draft ordinance defines how vendors and performers can express themselves, as well as address noise levels in the Venice Boardwalk area. The draft ordinance prohibits the vending of items not directly related to free speech material or art including clothing, sunglasses and jewelry.

The draft ordinance also allocates 205 vending spaces, including five double-wide performance spaces and regulates noise above certain decibel levels.

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl has worked closely with the City Attorney to draft an appropriate mandate for the situation.

“We want to clear up the confusion on the boardwalk and make it enjoyable for everyone: tourists, residents, entertainers and artists,” Rosendahl said in a recent letter to constituents.

The draft ordinance is now expected to go before the City Council in a couple of weeks.


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