Roadmap to Housing Continues to Excel

Councilmember Bill Rosendahl’s Roadmap to Housing program continues to excel in the 11th District! In a recent email from People Assisting the Homeless (PATH), two more clients have been placed into permanent housing. Here’s an update from Tomasz Babiszkiewicz, Venice Program Manager:

One client has been homeless for 10 years and has been living in a red 1973 Camaro. He had a habit of often relocating his vehicle in the city of Venice. His vehicle was very visible because most of his belongings were attached to various parts of it. This client is a GR recipient and is taking some classes at the Venice Skill Center to increase the likelihood of obtaining employment. He moved into an apartment building in Venice.

The second client is 60 years old and has been homeless for two years. He has been sleeping in his vehicle for the duration of his homelessness. Since the beginning of this program, he has been staying in one of our transitional facilities. This client is disabled and we were able to obtain an extra room accommodation through the Housing Authority. We were also able to link this client with the “In Home Supportive Services”, which provides him with a caregiver. He will be living in West Los Angeles.

Roadmap to Housing is a pilot program which finds permanent housing for people who are living in their cars or campers. There are now a total of 11 people who are taking part in the program. Read about some of the others here.


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