School Supply Drive for VHS JV Football

Bill Rosendahl honored the Venice H.S. junior varsity football team in March.

The Venice High School football coaches (and team!) need your help.

This year, the Venice High School JV football team maintained academic eligibility for first time in recent memory. This was the result of the incredible efforts lead by the team’s coaches, but they need your help to keep the ball rolling.

Head Varsity Football Coach Angelo Gasca was able to obtain 8 computers and a printer through donations for a corrective room the players could use during lunch and after school.  This created a team environment off the field geared toward academics.  During this time students that were strong in one subject could help students who needed a better understanding.

The main goal of theVenice football coaches was to instill the idea that they have the capability to do more if the athletes put their mind to it. As the season went on, the level of commitment had improved both athletically and academically.

 How Can You Help Run the Ball?

As we start the new school year, the football team is requesting all types of school supplies including spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, colored pencils, construction paper, dry erase markers, printer paper, poster boards, and any other supplies that could be used for school projects. If you would like to make a bigger donation, laptops would be graciously accepted as well.

Why Are These Donations Needed?

These students have demonstrated an increasing dedication to their academics. However, many of the students come from impoverished backgrounds that make it difficult for them to obtain supplies many take for granted. “We want to get these students on a level playing field and remove all of the excuses from their lives,” said Gasca.

As it turns out, the Los Angeles Unified School District cannot provide these supplies necessary for a student to succeed in school due to the increasing budget cuts. Meanwhile, some of these students may not even be in an adequate support system at home.

“There are too many youngsters who don’t have the parental support that so many of us think is a given,” said Gasca.

The corrective room provides an arm for support that can make a difference in a students life.

The players are learning that if they commit, care and believe in what they are doing, they can achieve a new level of success.

Please help us help the Venice High School JV football team. Drop off your donations at either of our two field offices:


7166 W Manchester Avenue

Los Angeles, 90045


West LA

1645 Corinth Avenue, #201

Los Angeles, 90025


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