LAPD Alert

The LAPD Pacific Division is releasing information on two recent robberies that have occurred in the Westchester area.

On August 24th, at 1530 hours, the unknown suspect approached the victim who was edging his lawn in the area of 80th/Kentwood. Suspect-1 produced a handgun, pointed it at the victim and demanded his property. The victim in fear handed over his wallet to the suspect.

The suspect then ran to an awaiting vehicle which was a 1990-95 black 2 door Nissan P/U truck. Inside the truck were two additional suspects. Both Suspects were described by the victim as male blacks in their early 20’s. All three suspects then drove W/B on 80th pl. from Kentwood.

The same suspects are believed to have committed a similar robbery back on August 3rd, where they have been targeting gardeners.

All three suspects were described to have similar physical descriptors.
Suspects: Male blacks in their early 20’s
Vehicle used: 1990-95 black 2 door Nissan P/U truck

The LAPD Pacific Division reminds you that if you see these suspects, do not approach them. Call 911 and report it immidetealy


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