LAPD Alert

On August 23, 2011 from the hours of 0600 to 2230 the following day, three residential burglaries occurred within a few blocks of one another.
All three of these burglaries occurred inside of single family residence where a door or window was left unsecured. Most of these burglaries occur during the day when most people have left their house to go to work. The suspects will usually ring the door-bell to see if someone is home. When there is no answer, they will begin checking for unsecured doors and windows. They will enter the residence, remove property then flee the area in awaiting vehicle that was parked close by during the burglary.
The LAPD Pacific Division would like to remind you that residential burglaries occur frequently. Please remember to lock and secure all door and windows and keep your valuable out of plain sight.

If you have any information on criminal activity in your area, please call Pacific Division and report it.

If you see a crime in progress, call 911 Immediately.


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