Green-living Courses Sprout in the 11th District

The following post was filed by Ashley Beasley, one of our interns at City Hall.

Sustainable Works educates people on green living.

Constituents in the 11th District filled the chapel of the Aldersgate Retreat Center in Pacific Palisades for the first of six free green-living classes led by the non-profit group, Sustainable Works.

“If you do nothing else from these workshops but become aware, that is wonderful,” said Gina Garcia, the residential greening director for the organization and instructor for the course.

Garcia’s lessons focus on current environmental problems in our neighborhoods, such as increased water consumption and traffic issues – as well as offer solutions for those situations that might be harmful to the environment.

Most of the 60 plus attendees who turned out to the event on Tuesday night were there to become more knowledgeable on the subject of conservation.

“I want to learn other ways to conserve energy and water and be a more effective person,” said Barbara Levin, 77, who has lived in the Palisades long enough to remember only having one market and post office.

Allen Greenfield also attended the workshop. Greendfield, who sits on the Green Action Committee at his local synagogue, scanned through the two-inch inch text book given for the class. The retired pilot said that although it looked like he was aware of most of the information contained in the book, he aimed to glean what he could to take back to his committee.

The first 45 minutes were packed with mind-blowing statistics and disheartening pictures on the focus of the evening: water problems. The latter was filled with practical solutions and helpful tools, such as a list of rebates offered by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power for switching to low flow toilets or drought proofing home landscapes.

“I can’t wait for the next class,” Wendy Anderson said smiling wide-eyed and flipping through her notes.

Since 1998, Santa Monica-based Sustainable Works has held workshops for residents, students and businesses and wants to branch out to more communities in the City of Los Angeles.

The workshops in the 11th District are made possible through a $45,000 grant secured by Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and LADWP.

The five subsequent classes will be held Tuesdays at Aldersgate Retreat Center, 925 Haverford Ave., Pacific Palisades. For more info, visit here.


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